Folkbåtsbörsen: SWE–777 säljes

Nordic Folkboat SWE 777 Huldas Karin (Amica)
One of the most beautiful and best kept Folkboat in Sweden is for sale. I bought it in Sweden last summer but my situation has changed and I have no time to sail plesure. Sailing mersant marine.
The sails from (2013) Engine Suzuki 2,5 HK (2016) Supstuga, gasstow, anchor, compas, good matrases, batery, charger etc.
It have won Swedish championship all ower don good in races.
It is build by Williams, Motala 1962 Larch on oach, mahogany.
I just heard in Estland they buy only Williams and make them perfect. The Folkboat is a tresure, like the old vw bus eg. Maybe Estland is a good place for a beautiful boat trip and cheap owerhal.

I hope to find someone to enjoy this beauty. I attach picturtes which shows how it is. Is it going back to Sweden? Please give me a win win offer. I bought it 65.000 June 2018 ready to make a quick deal 45.000

If you google Folkbåt Huldas Karin SWE 777 you find more about this legend.
It is ready to sail in Gilleleje, Denmark. If soon I have time to deliver it in Sweden.

Kind regards Jacob Kähler
+45 81932239

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