75-årsjubileumsfest i Kerteminde 6 augusti

Glöm inte att anmäla er till jubileumsfesten i Kerteminde senast 13 juli. Information från arrangören kommer här och anmälan kan göras på Kerteminde Sejlklubs hemsida:

Dear All,

Remember to sign up for the 75th anniversary party of the Folkboat in Kerteminde.

The public activities related to the anniversary are shown in the program on the website and they do generally not require registration.
But one activity does, however, require a ticket. The anniversary celebration SUNDAY 6th of August 2017 at 18-24.

It is now time for last-minute tickets, with only one week left until the ticket-sale will close.

We start the party to meet at the FolkBoat Center, where there will be tapas and a glass for everyone.

Kl. 19 we go to the nearby Egmoses Boat Hall, where the party will take place.
There is served a celebrating anniversary dinner, Sir Cliff, unfortunately, could not come, so the musical entertainment will The Olsen Brothers.

Later dance music at Amanda Jazz Band.

At 22:30 there will be a glass of bubbles for everyone, while we can enjoy the harbor party’s fireworks.
Come and join us to celebrate our people’s folkboat!

Well met

Deadline for registration 13 July 2017.
Thanks to our good sponsors, the prize for the whole glory is 335 SEK / 45 EUR

Best regards
Erik Andreasen

Kommande evenemang